Monday, August 4, 2014

Great 2 varnishes to your polymer clay neads and requirements, just perfect!

I haven't forgotten, I promised you  a post about the  beads city Jablonec nad Nisou in  Prague. The post is ready- in Hebtew, But not in English .
I have a deal with my daughter,she translates  for you,  every long  post,  from Hebrew to English.
My daughter is a soldier ( According to the Defense Service Law, the enlistment to the Israeli Defense Forces is mandatory for all Israeli citizens who have turned 18) and in the last month, she culdn't find a moment for the translet job. She is very busy because of the terrible  war with the "Hamas".
No, she is not  staying in the war zone, but  because of the war, she's  very busy or very tired....
Our mood is not so good.  I live near Tel Aviv, and we are suffering from the  missiles, less  then other areas) but still, nothing  is easy our country

But meanwhile,  I will try to focus on those issues that  easier to understand :

 I have for you a great recommendation for two great varnishes that I discovered recently. 
I made a short video for you (+ great tip in the end of the video). Go and get them....

And more from my working table in the last days, an order for a customer, using my magic transfer paper and the Darwi varnish ( 2-3 layers )

 , transfer paper,,polymer clay,fimo, darwi varnish,cernit,

,polymer clay, transfer paper, varnish, cernit varnish,darwi varnush,

,polymer clay, transfer paper, varnish, cernit varnish,darwi varnush

,polymer clay, transfer paper, varnish, cernit varnish,darwi varnush

Dont forget to share these 2 great varnishes!!!
Wish you  peace and  serenity, and see you in the next post.


  1. Thanks. Where I will buy the cernit gloss and the darwi gloss.?

  2. Sandra, Ask here: