Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miss Europe, The Queen of Beauty, Champion of Spires and Decorated with Textures and Swirls-Beautiful Prague!

Lately I've visited Prague.
Unfortunally, some of the days was accompanied by a sudden heat wave, which was tiring and exhausting, especially to the walking tourists....

The most disappointing part was to discover that when you want to cool off a bit in a cafe, a resturant or a shop, there is no air condioning :(((( Wow! No where to escape! Luckly our hotel was someplace central and accessiable, with excellent air conditioning, so we soon learned to run back to it wheneve we needed to cool off.

Even under the burning sun, the constant dampness on our skin, the sunscreen and the annoying carrige of water bottles on our backs, it was easy to see the capital of the Czech Republic in its full glory.

Pictures from the fair at the square -it was happy surprise for me to  stumble upon this small wonderful fair on frieday morning. It's just the way I like it: Handmade works, style, demonstrations, and colors! Iimmideitly purchased those wonderfull brooches made from recycled paper, and at home I found the creator in this link:
פראג,שוק, עבודות יד,

Details form the classic sites and one unique souvenir shop.
ביקטר בפראג

Who ever saw the movie "The Best Offer" (highly recommended), must remember  one of the last scences in the town's squere with the beautiful, acient astronimic watch appeering on the left picture
השעון האסטרונומי,

The dancing house of Frank Owen Gehry and the view you can see from the roof. Note the quotation by the talanted architect (on the left picture)

פראג,הבית הרוקד,פרנק גרי,

A short trip to Plzen (one hour ride on the bus from Prague), a city with a central station that stopped working around the sixstees :)) A totally vintage station -and it doesn't even know it! :))) The shops, the signs with the ancient writing... :)

And-that's right! Here is the home of the famous Plzen Beer (as well as Sakuda Cars, which gone through a lot of changes since the fall of the communism, and survived ) and even on this forgotten corner, next to the central station, I've found beautiful, colorful houses, and a vintage hotel... One of many others....


 The big synagogue in Plzen :

Next week, a post about a wonderful day in- Jablonec nad Nisou

The city of jewls, beads and glass, since the 17th century

Including photos from the amazing tour at the factroy of glass beads, which works in the traditional way

 I was standing at  the big Watzalav Plaza, in front of Jan Palach, and remembered the black and white pictures of my childhood, when the soviets invaded the large plaza with their tanks, and brought the end of Prauge's spring...and still  this song
... by Shalom Hanoch, sang by Aric Eienstein) played in my head )

 Soon.!... the "Happy Homes" workshop details! the place, cost, and when:)
See you next post!

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