Friday, August 15, 2014

Make Trendy Letters, and signs with "Antique Chic"- a New Tutorial!

And yet, I'm excited...
Still we are in a complicated reality, in the world's weirdest country, but I've found something to be excited about, something to love: a new tutorial
Why did it took so long this time? The answer is unknown :) It's never easy to find an idea, to develop it, to nerture it, to improve it, to make it accsiable and doable, to film, to edit, to write, to translate, to pass it on to Aviva (=a friend) for a deep and serious proofreading, to hackle technical difficulties, to fix, to film again, to give up, to stop, to think about quitting... To get back to business, to progress, to make an effort... Yes, this is what it's like to write a tutorial, at least for me. This time, I had to do all of this twice... 
Nevertheless, I don't give up, and a new tutorial was born!
What's in it?
Over 48 minutes  video+and instruction notebook (pdf) with literall explantion of all the stages=two fun, colorful, techniques that open unlimited possibilities 

Bonus: how to decorate your letters, with swirls and drawing in the kitchy and sweet "Shabby Chic" style,
+7 sign patterns (just print it and it's ready to use)

Diffuclty level: Basic. (and as always, I'm here for every question, request, or misunderstanding. Use mail to contact me.)

A Sneak peek in the promo video:

To purchase press here


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