Monday, May 5, 2014

workshopwith Jana Roberts Benzon

Last week I was honored to be part of two workshop taught by the amazing and talented american artist:  Jana roberts benzon

It is not Jana's first visit in Israel-she's been to the country 3 or 4 times (I can't remember exactly...) and I had the pleasure of taking part in all the workshop she made. (She was not the first to come to Isreal, for I had the pleasure to study with more talented wonderful artists and I am so happy to always participate, study, improove and grow..!) 

For me, a workshop is not only an opertunity to study, it's also a chance to meet other colleauges and have lots of smiles, jokes, exchanging intresting information and getting news... May we have many more!

Studying, taking pictures, concentrating but mostly enjoying our time!!!

Some didn't even catched a break.... :)))

A chance to see the new "Slicer" in action... A new succesful, useful tool...

Personally, I especially enjoyed the second workshop-the stone beads workshop. In my opinion the most memorable characteristic of this workshop was getting out of  the box: This original way of thought Jana has, which became her identifing mark. Now she's done it again...

In the next picture , those are Jana's special "stones beads". See? they don't have no begining and no end...


Those are mine. I stil have a lot to learn... My hand is still hesitant, without confidence. The first one on the upper right was done with Jana's incredible hands... Yes yes, it's the truth.. I still need some help when I'm studing something new and different!

I'll take this opertunity to say thank you to Yonat for having us in her wonderful studio, and of course another thank  to pinky, who brought Jana to Israel! and thank you Jana  !!!