Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm on T.V. +The Update You Were All Waiting For+Polymer Hint

Like many have said before me-it was not simple :)) Even now, as I'm writing, my heart beats faster... It all started from a suprising phone call from the production of "Local Crafts" (An Israeli morning show). At first I hesitated about going, (???!!!) but fast enough it turned into exicitment.
 Not to long after that, the questions started-
What products should I bring? The variaty, as you well know is huge.
 What to wear? What about my hair? What kind of shoes should I wear and----Am I fat? ,Will I look fat?  Hhahahahaha

Oh, the questions went on without end.

On the great day I woke up and drove to" Kiryat Shmona"(small city on the north), with my husband (both a driver and an escort). I stopped for coffe in the beautiful Rosh Pina and arrived in time to the studio, ready and expecting, and yet calm.

The interview went by with a huge excietment from me-just a few minuts and oops, it was gone ... :) I'm not really sure what went down in there :) But there were me, a magnificent display of my work+ a huge hint about the next tutorial, which I am working on the last few months. 
After wednsday ,they will upload  the show on youtube, so  you can see it too.

Here are some of the products I took with me to the show: 

חימר פולימרי,חרוזים,פימו,הילה בושרי,hillovely,מילפיורי,

Brooches, in my technique of faux ceramic

חיקוי קרמיקה,פימו,חימר פולימרי,ציפורים,הילה בושרי, hillaovely, סיכות פימו,cosmic ceramic,

And what is the update you were all waiting for?!

Yes, the transfer papers are back in stock (it is limted however, still it manged to overcome the mail strike and the holidays)

For those of you who don't remember, here are the tuturials again where I demo how to easily work with the transfer papers.

See you guys next time!

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