Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Tutorial for Passover and an Apologies

Wine tags like you've never seen before... Special, colorful, and handmade by you! Definitely useful even after the holidays!

Here's an idea: you can use it to tag oil bottles, too

Fit for a coockie jar, jam jar, or any other kind of goodies

After the holiday you just hang it on your wall or a hanging hook

There is such a variety! 

It also works as a decoration to any plant


Don't worry :)
There is a tutorial of course!

There is also a small stock of cutters in my store. In order to buy one or more, press here: Cutters to buy

The AMAZING stamps were bought here: Press here to buy the stamps I've used

I own you an apology:

Lately I published the first transfer tutorial, and I was suprised from the great response both in Israel and the world: Warm reactions, encourgement and an amazing number of purchases of transfer papers.

I was not prepared for this! The stock went empty under an hour! Tommorow morning I got new stock and it got emptied as well ! Wow !

So unfortunally, I am currently publishing a tutorial without a stock to sell you. The only ones who can make it and create before the holidays are the ones who got to purchase the papers :)

Don't fear! Soon enough the stock will renew!

However, crafting is crafting and we enjoy it all days of the years, and I hope there will be a lot of holidays and other merry occasions!

The tutorial is here for you, always :)....

Hope to update real soon about more stock coming back to my store.

 Don't forget my special order: buy the "carniva lbeads" tutorial and get free  round cutter set:


As always, don't forget to creat, enjoy yourself, comment, share on Facebook on Twitter and such... Thank you!

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