Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Great Gifts, As Promised!

It's funny, usually I'm not the one to enjoy birthdays, but on the blog I find them much more enjoyable, so I keep giving you gifts.

Only a few days ago you recieved a free video tutorial.

I know some of you have itching fingers, just waiting to create something new in your leisure time to make your own Spotted Beads collection!

Therefore, I am having this giveaway for all of you my dear blog readers. Each and every one of you can get a basic kit with all the metirials you need to make your own beads- just like I did in my video tutorial-for FREE! No need to pay for shipping or handling!

Everyone has a chance to win one of those kits, and now your chance is biggr than ever-I'm giving away not one kit, not two kits, not three kits not four- I'm giving away 5 kits!

By the way , you can see here the transfer technique. I hope ,soon  I'll make a new free  tutorial technique, very easy one .

With each kit you will get:
2 ball chains 80mm approx. (easy to cut with scissors too)
1 eyelet
a few jump rings
3 teardrop  beads charmes

More gifts
This time I have gifts for everyone-even those out there who rather not to work hard: Beautiful  pendants in various colors, that I made during the preperations for the video tutorial-all made for instant use: just turn off  the tv, and free yourself one evening to string ,wear and get complimants.

Total 9 gifts: 5 kits + 4 pendants

All you have to do in order to get in is two simple actions on your home computer:

1. Share this link:

2. Comment on this post (just a few words will do) in the last paragraph,  and tell me how are you going to share the link.

Or you can also share a link to this post.

Where can you  share it?

Facebook, your blog, your forum, Pinterest and anywhere else you can possibly think of.

The link again copy and share:

That's it!
Giveaway ends on  Mar 18, 2014. 

See you on the next post with a new gift.
Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. That is so great!!!
    going to share with all my friends on facebook :-)

  2. I just shared on my fb page. The beads are beautiful. The texture, the colors are awesome! And the possibilities endless. Thank you for this giveaway!

  3. I'm in :)
    I will share with all my friends on facebook :)

  4. Wonderful gifts!
    I'm going to share it with my friends o fb and on the fb pahe of Cyprus Polymer Clay Association