Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Addiction...and Transfer Papers: Tips and Information for you.

Hello, my name is Hilla, and I'm addicted to my transfer papers :)
Sounds familiar?
You got addicted too? :)
You're not the only ones...
I get mails and comments from all over the world from people who got addicted to my transfer papers
"I'm in love"
"You can't stop"
"What an invention..."
"Fabulous product"

That's right! they work, creating magic within twenty minutes, and they are addicting... Here are some wonderful examples costumers made

                                                               Yodiko's "Sweet Candy"  

                              The geometircal and colorful designs of Sagit (Sigaliot)                                    

Beautiful bookmarks and unique beads by Mars

                                                      The wild/bohemian beads of  Outofdesigns    

My transfer papers has been at your use, for the last few months, and naturally questions were born, answers were created, and tips were invented.
I gathered some answeres, tips and information for you, to answer all the questions that were asked, or the questions that will be asked:

1. What do you do if after baking, the paint fades and its quality drops?
Because of the different qualities of ink types for printers, it's possible that the color quality fades after baking. Use some "reviving" varnish. By doing so, you'll get both protection of your "transfer", and immidiate recover of the product's original colors.
My tutorial video present two options:
A- small water-based polish jar, that allows you to bake the product again after use to get a stronger coat (bake at 100 degrees celsius). The result-is semi shine, and  you can enhance by making three layers or more (wait till it dries completely between layers)
B- Darwi-an alcohol-based varnish, giving shiny results. This varnish is F A N T A S T I C !
 2-3 layers on transfers.
C-Another good choise will be varnish-folkart; It was recomanded to me a few years ago by Mars. It works well, easy to find, and revives the colors. There are three types of this varnish, with different shine intensity.

2. Even though you used Fimo's polymer clay (as told to by the insturctions), the picture still haven't transfered to the clay?
It's possible the clay is too dry. Try again with softer and fresher clay. (Thank you Mars, once again, for this important tip)

4. You printed the picture, but the print quality is so low you can see the pixels?
 In order to get a good quality print, check if the file have 300 dpi (at least)

5. How can you get  mirror written words  (reverse the text), so that after the transfer the letters will face the right direction?
-Some printers allow you to change the direction of the printing. Check "Printing propeties/options" for this option. Don't  forget  to change it back to regular mode, after printing! (Thank you, Yonat! :))
-Use office. Press here for the tutorial.
-Here you can write anything you want. press, and get the writing mirrored, right away!

6. A simple tutorial for making curved text, Press here.

7. A list of sites to download pictures and graphic designs, for free! Enjoy:
How to use my transfer papers? Watch:

One more video, press here
Purchase the transfer papers:Press here
If you have anymore questions, please mail me at

You are not alone :-) I'm already hooked and got some new keychains, my new collection, inspired by the 60's!

חימר פולימרי, מחזיקי מפתחות,פימו, ניירות העברה, הילה בושרי,hillovely,

Please share! See you in the next post!

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